A 2-cell, 450 ton (nominal) cooling tower located on the roof serves two 8000 cfm water source packaged DX air conditioning/hot water heating units on office floors 2 through 10 providing 40 tons per floor units will also be provided with waterside economizer coils . The 11th floor roof terrace elevator lobby and amenity area are provided with (3) ceiling mounted water source heat pumps totaling 4.5 tons. Floors 2nd thru 10th are also provided with perimeter radiation to cover the Building’s perimeter zone during the winter months consisting of in-slab fan powered fan coils complete with floor grille and local temperature control. The tenant space conditioning will be via Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes furnished and installed as part of tenant’s fit-out work. Each packaged A/C unit has digital DDC control panel interfacing with the building management system (BMS) allowing for after-hour tenant controls and reduce overtime costs. Retail tenants will provide their own HVAC equipment. A total of 350 sq.ft./ton has been allocated for each retail tenant space. Retail tenant heating and cooling consumption will be read and billed individually via BTU meters installed at both condenser and HW stubs provided for each respective retail tenant.

First floor main lobby and cellar level amenity area are also provided with ceiling mounted DX packaged units complete with hot water and economizer coils.


Approximately 15% of cooling capacity is available for supplemental condenser water for tenant’s future use if desired. Capped and valved outlets are provided on each floor for connection by tenants. 


2 high efficiency condensing boilers provide 180 deg. hot water delivered to each floor air handling unit. Valved outlets shall be provided on each tenant floor for future connection. 


6.5 watts/sf demand load for office tenant, exclusive of HVAC. Additional capacity can be made available. 

16 watts/sf demand load for retail tenants, inclusive of HVAC. 

(1) 4000A, (1) 1600A, (1) 1200A, 120/208 volt main service switches are provided. Retail tenants will be direct metered from local utility company.40 Tenth Avenue, NYC Page 2 of 2 Solar Carve Tower 

Distribution and utility panels on each floor are served via a 2 raceways system – (1) for lighting + general power, (1) for HVAC. 

Power to the building from utility company is provided by a single service point of entry. 


An electronic sub-metering system will be provided to meter tenant consumption at each floor. Sub-meters will be provided at each tenant main service switch on every tenant floor. 


A 350 kW emergency generator located on the roof serves all of the building’s life safety, elevators, stairs, lighting, egress lighting and critical building systems per code. 

A 10% load capacity is reserved for tenant’s emergency lighting power if so desired. 

A 275 gallon No. 2 fuel oil storage tank and a 80 gallon No. 2 fuel oil external day tank will provide approximately 6 hours of generator run time at full load. 


BMS uses direct digital control technology (DDC) to monitor and control selected portions of the building’s HVAC system to optimize efficiencies and energy consumption. 


Telephone Service enters cellar on W13th Street. Main telephone service room at grade level with local telecom closets on each floor for connection by tenants. 2 separate set of riser location for tel-service vendors are provided for maximum flexibility.